Dec 23, 2017

Ma-la spicy instant noodles

I'm a fan of instant noodles and spicy food, especially those of the ma-la (麻辣) variety that is supposed to paralyze your tongue by the power of Szechuan peppers. At Kaldi Coffee Farm, my favourite place for imported food items, I found this little noodle in its fancy package and the premium price of 100 yen each (that's expensive for instant noodles when I can get  5 for 250 yen), I picked one up with high expectations.

Ma-la spicy instant noodles photo

Unfortunately, it was quite disappointing. The noodles were exactly the same as Demae Iccho, which is good but much cheaper. The soup was very much just a powdered spicy soup that had no personality.

Ma-la spicy instant noodles photo

Most importantly? Yea it just wasn't all that spicy. The package advertised its Szechuan pepper flavour, but there was very little of it that it was straight up unnoticeable. You can easily find more satisfying spicy noodles for half the price.

However, they did attract me enough to give it a try, so good job to them, the got me.