Dec 7, 2017

The XO sauce seafood Cup Noodles from Hong Kong

From early 2017, Nissin started to introduce cup noodles that were exclusive to various countries to the public of Japan, the homeland of cup noodles. One of the very best is the XO sauce seafood cup noodles from Hong Kong, a flavour that I used to eat all the time and was overjoyed when I saw it on shelf here.

For those who aren't familiar with XO sauce, it is a fancy chili sauce made with a lot of shrimps and scallops, which is usually several times more expensive than standard chili sauce. Having this rich flavour in a seafood cup noodle is just double win.

As if to make you understand the power of XO sauce, I felt like the noodle had more dried seafood than usual but it might just be my projection. What's real was seeing the bits from the sauce stick to the noodles as I slurp them up.

This is the most popular flavour in Hong Kong for good reasons, and I am so glad that Japan finally got a taste for it. Pick one up before they are all gone!