Jul 2, 2019

The Kororo Gummy Souvenir Craze

If you have visited drug stores in Tokyo at some point in the past year, you would have probably noticed the gummy candy Kororo is very often placed front and center outside the shop.

They have been wildly popular souvenirs recently, with some customers I have seen purchasing a basket full of these gummies.

The Kororo Gummy Souvenir Craze photo

The candies are made so that they have a juicy center. In a way, it is to replicate the feeling of eating a fruit (though still far from it), but they are delicious nonetheless.

For just a 100-yen per bag, they also would not break anyone's wallet. The next time you need some gummy goodies to go, or to bring home to hand out, the Kororo series might be a good and affordable choice.



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