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Cheese Cheese Burger with Cheese Fondue

I'm a fan of cheese, and a fan of burgers. People like me are easy to find, and if you're one, then you gotta try out the Cheese cheese burger with cheese fondue at First Kitchen, or CCBwCF for short.

(Just kidding, I made the last part up.)

I've never had a First Kitchen nearby, so when I got to check out their menu for the first time recently, this was my immediate pick.

The burger comes wrapped with the squeeze-out fondue on the side, both warm.

To my surprise, the chedder of the two cheeses (hence the name) in the burger was the crispy kind! And it really adds to the flavour.

When you eat it, you squeeze the fondue onto the burger directly. Weird? Admittedly yes. Delicious? Oh heck yessssssss.

It's all the cheesiness that a cheese lover would long for in any burger, and while it isn't top grade, this is affordable at just 390yen. If you're a believer of "there's never too much cheese" like me, you have to try this out!

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No word of a lie, I had one of these last week. I just liked the way that they used 'cheese' twice in the name. I enjoyed the burger but I ate mine with some maple or caramel flavored fries. They sounded like a good idea, and the first couple were nice, but they quickly got a bit sickly.


I love First Kitchen, their food is good. They alway make it fresh when you order it.


@DaveJpn Got to admit, that was exactly why I ordered it too!


@KevinC That was my first try and now I'm a fan!



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