Apr 28, 2017

Life Line Vender: emergency vending machines

I was wandering around Gifu JR station and I saw this intriguing vending machine that has an eye-catching sign. Take a look:

It sells the usual drinks and some energy bar if you're in for a quick snack. Nothing special, right? But did you notice the green sign? "Life Line Vender"

"This vending machine will provide necessities for everyone during a time of emergency"

So I guess if there was a major earthquake or other disasters, people stuck at the station can come here and this will unload all its drinks and food for everyone to live, for free, I assume!

Thanks in advance, Otsuka Med Supplies.

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  • Tomuu

    on May 4

    I'll be keeping a look out for more vending machines like this then. Good to know.