Apr 23, 2019

Japan's Approach to Cooking Oysters

Hiroshima is famous for their oysters, and while this seafood is appreciated in Japan, I definitely find them cooked more than raw, and it is a shame.

I enjoy cooked oysters too, especially Kakifry. But steamed oysters or the yaki-oyster is in my humble opinion much inferior to it being fresh and juicy.

Japan's Approach to Cooking Oysters photo

Even in restaurants where they want to have oysters but not to serve it raw for avoid the risk of food poisoning, like this restaurant I went to that grilled it with curry seasoning and added ikura on top, nothing beats raw oysters.

I start to wonder: is it that the sea is not clean enough to have the oysters eaten fresh, is it that the transportation process is too long to keep them safe, or is everyone just being extra careful? Ummm...



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