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Chili-pepper Infused Cup Noodles

As a fan of spicy food, an issue living in Japan is how difficult it is to find spicy food that can sting your tastebuds enough. Very often the food labelled "extremely hot" is nowhere up to the standard, and you are once again back on the search.

One cup noodle that I am very happy with is the Toukarashimen series.

As the name implies, the noodles are infused with grinded chili pepper, maximizing the spiciness with every single slurp.

Unlike most other spicy instant noodles, this unconventional method makes sure that the star isn't the soup, but the noodles. In fact, the soup isn't that impacting at all, especially after it cools down. Nevertheless, it is delicious. 

The Toukarashimen series also loves to surprise us with their unique flavours, including Mapo-tofu, Hot & Sour Chinese Soup, and even Jerk Chicken. To be honest, the soup made very little difference, because the noodles truly steal the show everytime.

If you're a fan of spicy food or a challenger of extreme tastes, this cup noodle is one worth picking up!

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Not on the spicy tip but I recommend the 'Singapore' flavor of Cup Noodle. Can't remember the exact name but I've seen it in plenty of supermarkets over here.


@Tomuu Was it the Laksa one? I'm a huge fan of Laksa but still haven't tried it yet. I'll keep my eye out next time ;) Thanks


@Jackson Yea, maybe that was it. I recently at the 'Hong Kong' one which I think was announced as the most popular in Japan or the world, maybe.


@Tomuu I looked into that and the HK spicy seafood flavour was voted as the "flavour people (Japanese internet users) most want to try". It was good, and fortunately they decided to bring a few of the other flavours over too


@Jackson Ah, I see. I quite liked it. The Tom Yam one from Thailand is quite nice, too. The laksa remains my favorite though.



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