Mar 3, 2017

Tokushima Ramen - Beef and eggs

Japan is renowned for the delicious ramen, and each region has its own specialty that makes the place proud. Fukuoka is famous for tonkotsu, for example, and Hokkaidou's miso ramen is loved by many. But do you know about Tokushima's specialty noodles?

Tokushima Ramen - Beef and eggs photo

Although not as famous as others, it's one that ramen lovers shouldn't miss. The Tokukshima ramen!

It is a rich shoyu-tonkotsu soup base and chew thin noodles, but that's only the start. What puts Tokushima ramen apart from others are two things: Beef and Raw Eggs.

It's rare to see beef being used as the main meat in ramen, and the thinly sliced beef aren't simply boiled, but cooked with flavours and seasonings too. Kinda like the kind you'd eat with sukiyaki.

On top of that, you will find raw eggs on the counter ready for you to crack and mix into a separate bowl. You can dip the beef (or everything) into the eggs (again, like sukiyaki), or mix the eggs into the noodles. It's all up to you, and these are definitely options you won't find with other kinds of ramen.

These are relatively rare, but I found a shop at the Kyoto station's ramen street. Try to find one around you and give it a try!

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  • helloalissa

    on Mar 6

    It really does look like Hakata (tonkotsu) Ramen, but sounds nice with the sukiyaki sort of ingredients. I'll have to look for this or get myself to Shikoku. I thought Tokushima was big on udon, but personally, that ramen looks way better!