Mar 3, 2017

Cocoichi Curry Nabe at Home

Nabe is the best way to get kids to eat vegetables and other food they don't like, because you can hide anything in the soup and let the flavour do the rest. Kids, however, can still be picky about the soup-base, and this is one that will win any kid over.

Cocoichi Curry Nabe at Home photo

The Cocoichi cheese curry soup is a mild flavourful nabe base that matches with almost any kind of veggies you want to put in. Curry standards like cabbage and carrots are of course welcomed, but mushrooms, green peppers and eggplants (aka what kids hate) also go surprisingly well with this!

Cocoichi Curry Nabe at Home photo

With this, kids would no doubt eat it all up. Meat-wise, I'd recommend pork and/or sausages, but chicken would match perfectly as well. The "cheese curry" actually lacks the cheese flavour, so add your own cheap brand cheese to cheese it up.

Afterwards, put in some rice and cheese for curry-risotto, or bake some toast sticks and dip the rest of the soup up. Either choice, you will have a healthy, satisfying and warming meal for sure!