Jan 29, 2017

Supermarket Discounts! Ready-Food for Cheap

If you are living in Japan on a budget and didn't know about this, you are missing out. Supermarkets here sell a great selection of delicacies for you to bring home and eat. Fried pork cutlet, grilled chicken, bento boxes, salad, and even sushi. They aren't expensive, but definitely not cheaper than cooking at home, yes. But what do they do with the cooked food if they don't sell by the end of the day?

That's right. They go on a big sale, because an unsold item is as good as a wasted one, so this way the supermarket can at least get the product cost back. Now, if you go at the right time......

Massively discounted, indeed! So when is the right time? Go about 2-3 hours before it closes and you can likely net yourself 20% off. An hour or two before it closes and you might see the love "half priced" sticker on them. Those that still aren't sold by then might go as low as 70% off, from what I've seen.

Personally, these discounted food aren't bad, especially if you're the type to freeze your food. So if there was always that pack of expensive sushi you've wanted, find the right timing to go. If you're living on a budget, stock up when the opportunity is right!

Just be ready to battle with the housewives the salarymen who are on the hunt too.

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