Jul 22, 2018

The Best Calligraphy in School

I moved to a new city and started working at the local elementary schools, and after I sat down at my desk in the staffroom for the first time, I noticed this piece of calligraphy right above the staffroom's meeting blackboard with the 3 words: honest, modest, giving your best.

It really caught me and got my immediate respect. The words were simple and clear, and it is so modest that the author did not even write their name on it. Having it hung in a visible spot in the staffroom also made sure it is a constant reminder to everyone working, and it is extremely appropriate for those working in the field of education.

The Best Calligraphy in School photo

To be teaching children, honesty is essential. With honesty comes heart. By being an honest model, you show children how they too can live in peace without having to tell lies. They can accept others and be accepted without having to hide or make things up.

Modesty is huge for teachers. Just because you are teaching a class, it does not mean you are superior in every way. Teachers are human beings too, and humans make mistakes. The important part is to be humble enough to accept your mistakes, and then continue your days with modesty. Surely, there are tons of things that we can all learn from children too.

Upon becoming a teacher, one would have accepted that this is a very selfless job. We are essentially working for the future of others more than ourselves, and if we have fully accepted it, there is no reason to hold ourselves back from helping others achieve their future and success. With that in mind, we should be doing our best every single day for the sake of those we teach.

I really loved this piece, so much to the point that I made a version of it myself and hung it in my room. It is very much fitting for a staffroom, of course, but I believe these 3 words are also fitting as reminders for every single person in this world.



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