Apr 4, 2019

Salty Lychee Drink Mix

I have always enjoyed the flavour of lychee, which is not a common fruit in Japan at all. My favourite lychee product in Japan is the salty lychee drink, which is more commonly found during hotter days and it is a good way to stay hydrated.

Salty Lychee Drink Mix photo

What I prefer nowadays is to get the drink mix instead of the bottled drinks. Besides sustainability reasons with plastic bottles, I also enjoy the versatility with the mix. It is 1:4 mix to water ratio, but you can also use it with carbonated water for a fuzzy version, which is yet to be a product they sell. Better yet, you can spike it up with the liquor of your choice ;)

When it gets warmer, give this a try!



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  • TonetoEdo

    on Apr 4

    Salty lychee is so refreshing, and it replenishes the sodium you lose through sweating. Like you, I think about resource use. A small pack of this drink mix saves a lot of PET plastic bottles if you prepare it in your own container.