Jul 10, 2018

Chocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky

While wandering through the snack section of the grocery store under one of the department stores in Sendai, I happened upon this and just had to have it. Pocky flavors in Japan, even in not-terribly-urban Japan, can run the gamut from the orignal but boring milk chocolate to seasonal favorites like cocoa-powder-covered winter pocky, including weird but enjoyable variations like banana bran and more refined but expensive options like blond chocolate or sakura. 
Chocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky photo
This was one of those special little things I might pick up for myself and hide away in the fridge until I have a minute to really indulge. I'm quite fond of both raspberry and chocolate, so it was a no-brainer as to whether or not I'd like to try this one.

Packaged as midi size, which includes half length sticks and double-thick chocolate compared to regular Pocky, these treats are delicious and the slightly tart raspberry pairs with the sweet chocolate really well. With three packets per box and four sticks per packet, the treat doesn't last too long.

Chocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky photo

The stick is a raspberry cookie, double-dipped in some rather nice, thick chocolate, and the combination is scrumptious. I am personally glad that this came in the midi size, though I would greedily have eaten a whole huge box. I doubt my body requires quite that much extra sugar however. Sharing the three small packets with my kid made for a great way to end the day-- with a crunch and a sweet smile.
Chocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky photo
The price as I recall was between 200 and 300 yen, making this selection expensive compared to the basic plain chocolate and strawberry options but a bit cheaper than the deluxe blond or berry chocolate varieties.
Chocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky photoChocolate and Raspberry Double-dipped Pocky photo  
Personally, I am still waiting to find White Decoration Cake Pocky again. I had it once at an anime convention in 2005 and nothing has ever been the same.

What new pocky flavor is your favorite?



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  • Saitama

    on Jul 10

    Oooh, I like the look of these. Yum. I haven't had Pocky in ages and when I do buy them my kids convince me to get their favorite: the strawberry ones!

  • JTsuzuki

    on Jul 10

    @Saitama The strawberry ones are delicious! I really like finding the new, weird ones. Sometimes they are more expensive but such is the price of adventure!