Jul 11, 2024

The Wandering Shirt

A few months ago, I found myself in the midst of a hyper fixation on The Wandering Inn, a web serial turned audiobook series by an extremely private individual known as Pirateaba who seems to write practically a nanowrimo novel's worth of words almost every week. If you're in the mood for a whole lot of story, you can check it all out on their website. I highly recommend starting with the audiobooks.

As I had already listened to the then 11 (now 12, soon to be 13) audiobooks available on Audible, I went to the website to read beyond the audiobooks. I also found a shop on the site and felt like I should have a t-shirt, especially after shipping was less than ten dollars to Japan!

The Wandering Shirt photo

Why did it ship so cheap? I'm guessing Latvia. Bless you, Latvia.

I filled in the shipping info during a late night insomnia-induced reading binge, which is likely why I missed the part where the website ate my zip code and spat out something similar but not the same.

I only found this out weeks later when the shirt hadn't arrived. The last two digits were entirely different.

I spent a good twenty minutes looking up the closest post offices to the mistaken zip code and picked a day when I could likely go and ask around, mentally preparing the Japanese dialogue for "I ordered this but the zip code is wrong. Do you have my package?"

When the day came, the shirt had already found its way to my post box without any intervention on my part at all.

The Wandering Shirt photo

I love this shipping label.

So apparently, if most of the address is good and only the last couple of digits of the zipcode are off, the package will likely just arrive a couple of days late.

The Wandering Shirt photo

I don't know how you celebrate your favorite gold ranked adventuring team, but this is how I do.




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