Oct 25, 2017

How to infuse Sencha.

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How to infuse Sencha. photo

1. Cool off the temperature of the hot water.   

Pour the water from the tea pot into the tea cups. This will further reduce the temperature by about 10 degrees.

It will now measure around 70-80 degrees celsius. This is the right temperature for good sencha.

2. Put sencha leaves into the tea pot. 

Now insert the tea leaves into the tea pot. The amount should be around 2 tablespoons (6- 8g ) of tea.

Of course, the amount may vary, depending on your taste.

How to infuse Sencha. photo

3. Pour the tea into the cups

After 90 seconds of steeping time pour the tea into the cups.

How to infuse Sencha. photo

Storing Tea.

For unopened packets of tea I recommend storing them away from light, air, heat, moisture and strong odors.

By doing so, the tea inside the packet will keep fresh for many months.

However, once the packet is opened the freshness can deteriorate very quickly if exposed to light, air, heat, moisture and strong odors.

Therefore, I recommend to drink opened packets within a few weeks and keep them either in the original packet or use a small tea canister.

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