Oct 12, 2017

Why "Life of Pi"?

"The Life of π" as in the mathematical constant π, 3.1416.

          For the past months, I was thinking of creating a blog. And for the past months, I have been bothered as to what title should I give to my blog. Naturally, my brain always have surges of ideas flowing through but every time I attempt to push those buttons on my computer, it's like someone has turned off the wifi router - brain dead.

          Until finally, I have came up with the perfect title, "The Life of π" - not the movie.

          Why π? As an Engineer, I cannot just separate myself from Mathematics, which happened to be my favorite subject, hence taking Engineering. "What a coincidence!" Sarcasm aside, for Engineers, π is a usual jargon that we encounter in our daily lives, it is like the air that we breathe - it is just everywhere. And the interesting nature that surrounds the constant π, makes me think that it would perfectly fit my blog.

          By definition, π is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Having said that, life is also a circle measure by our own π, experiences. Experience is defined by our life over the length of our existence, where we can achieve the ideal life experience as it approaches to one. "You Only Live Once" as they say.

                                                                                   e = L / l           

          Consequently, life is equal to experience times the length of our existence (L = e l). The more experience we gain, the more we can say that we are living our lives to the fullest. It doesn't matter how long we live, the only thing that matters is our own experiences, our own slice of pie, or simply our own π.

          Moreover, Pi (π) being an irrational number is like Life which can't be expressed as a fraction for it is series of events that when combined creates the whole thing and that's when we meet fulfillment; and π as a decimal representation that never ends and never settle into a permanent repeating pattern, Life is composed of experiences and every experiences is unique. Lastly, just like a π, Life is also endless.

          And so with this blog, I will selflessly share my experiences in life and in travel, I can hopefully inspire readers with random articles about life, and I can hopefully make you laugh with some humorous articles with a little bit of sarcasm - because that's where we're good at. lol




Named by my parents as Carl, an adventurous, open-minded young adult wanting to explore the world and even the universe. A Software Engineer by profession but a photography enthusiast and a creative soul living in Japan. An introvert at times but don't be confused, I love meeting new people and establish circles of friends. Hit me a joke, I will reply with sarcasm. Mata ne!



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