Apr 19, 2019

Taking care of your eyes

A lot of us use a computer for work and look at monitors most of the day. In addition to that, we also use smartphones and tablets in our free time. Blue light emitted from these devices can be harmful to our eyes and also mess up our sleeping rhythm.  

Japan offers a few goodies to reduce eye strain caused by blue light.

PC glasses

A few companies offer special PC glasses to reduce the percentage of blue light that reaches your eye.

Depending on the how much blue light they cut out your vision can become slightly yellowish when wearing them, so if you do a lot of photo or video editing where colors are important they might not be suitable for you. For text editing, writing mails etc. there is no issue.

Nowadays you can even get them in the design of your favorite franchise, e.g. Pokemon or Star Wars. These are glasses from a Pokemon edition from the maker Zoff.

Taking care of your eyes photo

If you have good eyesight you can get them without power. If your eyesight is bad you can also get customized ones with the power you need. If you do not like glasses there also blue light filters for monitors or software that adjusts the color setting of your monitor.

Special eye drops

Taking care of your eyes photo

These are special eye drops for heavy PC users. I do use them personally but to be honest I am not sure how much they are different from regular eye drops. But at least you have to feeling that you do some special care for your eyes.

You can buy these at most drug stores.

Chocolate to reduce eye strain

Taking care of your eyes photo

This is something I saw quite recently; new chocolate from the Libera series which is known for chocolate with special health benefits. This one is supposed to help reduce eye strain. According to the package, it contains a special ingredient that is good for your eyes. Whether you believe in the effect or not is up to you I guess.

I personally do not see the need for putting it into chocolate. There already are several supplements for eye care on the market so why putting it in food that contains lots of sugar and fat.

But I guess they want to target customers that want to buy sweets but still do something good for their health to calm their bad consciousness.

Do have problems with eye strain? Do you know any goodies that help?



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  • maynestacy

    on May 15

    I love your articles! So interesting. I want to get that chocolate. I wonder if it is just a sales gimmick. No matter - any reason to buy some chocolate is a good reason for me!