Jul 16, 2018

Japanese sweets are too cute

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I have had a sweet tooth before I came to Japan, but I have the feeling I am eating more sweets since I came here. This might be caused by the fact that you can find very cute sweets all over Japan. They are sold at convenience stores, at your local bakery or in cafes that are just as cute as the sweets they sell.

Some are themed after certain characters, some look like cute animals and others are just arranged in a very cute way. I love how much detail the Japanese sweet makers put into their sweets. 

Some of the pictures in the gallery are taken in some of my favorite cafes in Tokyo, which are Cafe Tint in Shimokitaza and the All C Cafe in Koenji. You should try these out if you like cute sweets. However, Cafe Tint is very popular, so you will have to turn up about 30 minutes before they open if you want to get a seat. Otherwise, you will have to write your name down in a list and wait. In the worst case, the wait can be several hours. At the All C Cafe, it is easier to get a seat, as it is rarely crowded even if you go on weekends.

But you don't really have to go far places. Just check your local Lawson. They sell character themed sweets there from time to time. The Kirby and Rillakuma one in the gallery are from Lawson. The issue here is that the character themed sweets sell out fast and you might have to check several stores before you find one.

Also, your local bakery is a good place to look. You might not find character are animal themed sweets here, but you can find really cute looking small cakes that are arranged very nicely.

Do you like sweets as much as I do? Go check out the amazing sweets Japan has to offer.



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  • ReishiiTravels

    on Jul 16

    I eat more sweets in Japan for sure! I am a sucker for anything sweet here!!

  • Eli

    on Jul 17

    @ReishiiTravels I feel you.