Mar 12, 2019

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair

My husband and I are already married for 3 years but we didn't do a wedding ceremony/party at the time for financial reasons, and the fact that organizing the whole thing seemed like a lot of stress. Now the company Escrit is offering a Pokemon wedding plan and I was starting to reconsider. So we went to check out the bridal fair that they are currently offering.

The bridal fair is free of charge and you can attend it in several different locations in the greater Tokyo area. It included a tasting of the wedding menu, an explanation of the Pokemon plan and you can have a look at the actual wedding location.

Also, everyone that attends receives this Pikachu-style marriage registration form.

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

For us, the whole fair took about 3 hours. At first, you will fill out a questionnaire asking for your budget and preferences for the wedding. Then they will show you pictures of the Pokemon plan.

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

The highlight of the plan is a meet & greet with two wedding-style Pikachus, just like you see them at events at the Pokemon Center and the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama. In Japan, these events usually work in the way that at first they tell you about the product/event they want to sell and at the end they will show you the price. For some reason, however, they told us the price of the Pikachu meet & greet right away. You will see why later. The fee for the meet & greet is supposedly 600,000 yen.

After that, we had the food tasting. It was three courses and they were all pretty good in taste and the amount was such that we decided against going out for something to eat after the fair. Eating the same food at a restaurant would probably cost at least 3,000 yen so getting this for free is pretty nice.

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

We went to the Pokemon bridal fair photo

Finally, we could have a look at the location itself. It was fashionable but not too fancy. Then they presented us with a first quotation which was quite high. As we were still unsure they presented a second quotation pretty quickly where the fees for the Pikachu meet & greet were reduced to 0 yen. That's the price you get when you sign the contract on the day you visit the bridal fair.

Do you remember that the price for the meet & greet was the only price information we got right from the start? I am pretty sure the number of 600,000 is quite unrealistic and they just tell you a high number so that it has a larger impact on you when you hear that these fees get wiped.

I mean, thinking realistically you have the cost for the two people inside the costumes and a part of the fees for the costume manufacturing and maintenance. 

The people inside are probably part-timers on an average wage and considering the fact the there are already so many Pikachu costumes used for events where you can attend for free the costume cost cannot be that high.

Nevertheless, the final price that they presented us was actually on the same level as a regular wedding ceremony would have been, but even though it was tempting I cannot make decisions about such a large amount of money on the spot so we didn't sign the contract. 

If you are currently considering your wedding ceremony and you like Pokemon this might be a nice option to check out. And if not you can just go for the free food.

You can register for the bridal fair at this website.


Did you attend a bridal fair in Japan? How was it?



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