Oct 22, 2017

Choco Mint Mochi - the combination of Japanese and Western taste

There are many unusual sweets in snacks in Japan which might be kind of weired to a foreigner, but you should always try them first, before saying it´s nothing for you.

A very typical japanese sweets are little mochis, which you can get in many diffrent flavors like filles with a real strawberry or machacream. There are really thousends of mochis flavors and each region has it´s own special one.

For a foreigner the very sticky consistency is something you need to get used to. You will love it or you will hate it.

These days I´ve found a very nice flavor of mochi at the popular store "Kaldi" which sells many international but also japanese products.

They have a mochi with the flover of peppermint and inside is some chocolate creme. It is really a great mix. Not so sweet, but very refreshing because of the peppermint.

That mochi is a perfekt combination of japanese sweets and western influence, because peppermint is really rare to find in japanese seets/kitchen.

Please have a try!



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