Oct 22, 2017

Rascal the raccoon 40th anniversary shop

This year is the 40th anniversary of the popular WMT Anime Rascal the raccoon. At the Kiddyland in Harajuku you can find a small rascal orner with many special goods. Many people love the little sweet cheeky raccoon Rascal. There is also an own backery in Kichioji of that character.

Rascal the raccoon 40th anniversary shop photo

Therefore, I was not surprised to read that again many new Rascal products appeared on the market.

Since it was a raining day, I was luckythat the Kiddyland was very empty and I didn´t had to wait to check out the rascal corner. There were goods on the first and second floor. Right at the entrance of the Kiddyland was the new collection, which will only be there for two weeks. If you buy something with a value over 1500 yen, you will get a huge Rascal bag for free. Of course I did not miss that chance.

Rascal the raccoon 40th anniversary shop photo

On the second floor there were old rascal products, which were mainly collaborative goods with other well-known characters.

Rascal the raccoon 40th anniversary shop photo

After I left the Kiddyland and went back to the station, I found a poster of rascal at the closeby department store Tokyo Plaza Omotesando. On the third floor of the shopping center was another small popup store with many products from Rascal.

Rascal the raccoon 40th anniversary shop photo

Amongst others, there was an own unicorn x Rascal collection. The colorful unicorn is currently very popular. You could even take some photos with the unicorn and rascal together at a own photo section.

There were also some Gashaponautomaten with different goodies, where I could get a totally sweet stamp.

If you are a lover of that small cute raccoon, you should make a stop at Harajuku!



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