Jan 11, 2017

Uriwari waterfall in Fukui

Fukui is one of the most unknown prefectures in Japan. Even it is not far away from Kyoto or Gifu prefecture, many people never heard of that area.
During my journey to the biggest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa, I decided to make a small stop in Wakasaka (Fukui), to visit a small waterfall there.

Uriwari waterfall in Fukui photo
From Tsuruga, one of the biggest city in Fukui, I just took the Obama line to go to the station “Kaminaka” in Wakasaka. It took around one hour in a very cute small local train through the mountains of that area. The station itself is really countryside, no shops or even a kombini, just local houses.
I walked around 15 minuts from the station to a small park with a teahouse and a few shrines. At the end of the park was a small forest, where you could find a small waterfall.

Uriwari waterfall in Fukui photo
The waterfall was very beautiful and had a mysterious atmosphere. Especially I was totally alone there and I could only hear the sound of the water and the birds around me. I felt a little bit like I´m in the anime of “Nausicaä”.
Just right next to the waterfall was a small house for resting. It was lunchtime, that´s why I used the chance to make a small picnic alone in the forest.

Uriwari waterfall in Fukui photo

I was very surprised to find this amazing place in that area, especially  I´ve never heard of it before. The way to go there is very long, but if you have a little bit leftover time it is a very nice spot to visit.



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  • SalarymanJim

    on Jan 16

    Looks like a great spot. Must have been cool to have it all to yourself.