May 31, 2016

The 10 Best Places To Live in Kyoto ... and the Rents

Kyoto is a familiar name at the business end of lists about the world’s greatest cities to visit, and everyone’s got their favorite temple or shrine. For the locals though, and people thinking of living in Kyoto, which part to live in may not revolve around how many minutes walk they are from Kiyomizu-dera.

Japanese real estate and housing website SUUMO, late last year published a ランキング / ranking piece on their site, looking into the results of a survey into where Kyoto locals wanted to live ... in Kyoto, and then matching those areas with how much it costs to rent property ... in Kyoto. 

We’ve always fancied a spell in the city so it made for interesting reading. We (attempt) to translate the text and bring the results to you. In English. So all of us can read em’. Below is a direct(ish) translation of the article here.

So, could these be the best places to live in Kyoto?

1Kitayama / 北山Subway Karasuma  Kita-ku53,400 yen
2Katsura / 桂Hankyū KyotoNishigyō-ku 51,500 yen
3Karasuma Oike / 烏丸御池Subway Karasuma Chūkyō-ku 64,500 yen
4Karasuma / 烏丸Hankyū Kyoto Shimogyō-ku65,000 yen
5Nagaoka Tenjin / 長岡天神Hankyū KyotoNagaokakyou-shi 52,100 yen
6Saiin / 西院Hankyū KyotoUkyō-ku /  Chūkyō-ku 54,000 yen
7Kyoto / 京都manyShimogyō-ku59,200 yen
8Kawaramachi / 河原町Hankyū KyotoShimogyō-ku63,000 yen
9Umeda / 梅田Subway  MidōsujiOsaka shi, Kita-ku 80,400 yen
10Arashiyama / 嵐山Hankyū ArashiyamaUkyō-ku / Nishigyō-ku 39,300 yen
10Kokusai Kaikan / 国際会館Subway KarasumaSakyō-ku 49,200 yen
10Ni jō / 二条JR San'inChūkyō ku 56,300 yen

The 10 Best Places To Live in Kyoto ... and the Rents photo

No1 - Surprisingly urban and modern residential area, Kitayama

Shining at the top of the ranking, in northern Kyoto, is the widespread residential area around Kitayama Station. For Kyoto it exudes a surprisingly modern atmosphere. Perhaps for the locals, already more than used to all the temples and shrines, Kitayama satisfies a yearning for a more urban vibe. Running from east to west, Kitayama Dōri is home to boutiques and restaurants, with many buildings designed by famous architects. With Kyoto Botanical Garden and Takaraga-Ike Park nearby, this is an area full of greenery. On days off, it’s an easy place to go out with the family.

With the subway Karasuma Line linking directly to JR Kyoto Station, Katayama also makes for an easy commute to Osaka.

The 10 Best Places To Live in Kyoto ... and the Rents photo

Centering on downtown Kyoto, Karasuma Oike is not only convenient, it’s full of ancient flavor

Despite its downtown location, this area is within the immediate vicinity of World Heritage Sites, Nijō Castle and Kyoto Imperial Palace. One can also take a stroll around shrines, and down alleys lined with traditional townhouses. It’s this mixture of convenience and ancient atmosphere that makes 3rd-ranked Karasuma Oike so enjoyable. Proximity to ‘Kyoto’s kitchen’ Nishiki Market and Karasuma Shijo, buying food for one’s evening meal, and taking a stroll along the banks of Kamo River; there are many ways to enjoy the area.

With Kyoto Marui, Daimaru and other stores on Shijō Dōri within walking distance, this area is also convenient for shopping. On top of this JR Kyoto Station is only 6 minutes by subway. As a result, however, market rents of 64,500 yen are on the high side.

The 10 Best Places To Live in Kyoto ... and the Rents photo

Living in famous sightseeing spot Arashiyama, you can be soothed every day by flowing rivers and green mountains

When you mention Kyoto, many people will think of Arashiyama. The scenery of Togetsukyo Bridge. The gentle flow of the Katsura River. Cherry blossoms in spring. Mountains wrapped in burning autumn leaves. Living here and seeing these things every day would be a real luxury.  

The World Heritage Sites of Tenryu-ji, the bamboo tunnel, Chikurin-no-Michi are all close by, so everyday strolls around the area will be a joy.

10th ranked Arashiyama may be a major sightseeing spot, but rents around here are quite low at 39,300 yen. Around the station are many souvenir shops, however there is also a quiet residential area.

Downtown Kawaramachi Station is only 20 mins away on the Hankyū Arashiyama Line.  

Over to you. Where would you like to live in Kyoto? Or, if you’re already there, where do you think are the best places to live in Kyoto?

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Survey details

Duration: Jan 23, 2015 - Jan 27, 2015

Respondents: Kyoto residents, male/female, 20-49 yrs, 254 respondents

Survey conducted online

Conducted by 株式会社マクロミル / MACROMILL

*NB: We don't know why a place in Osaka made it onto the ranking

About the rents listed

Locations with 15 min walk of stations.

Apartment size over 10 sq m (one room / 1 DK / 1LDK)

Rents based on prices for Jan 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015

Source: SUUMO

Images (cropped)

Top - Takaraga-Ike Park - Ryosuke Yagi Flickr License 

Center - Gate to Imperial Palace Espen Ore Flickr License

Bottom - Arashiyama Jessica Spengler Flickr License



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