Jul 8, 2016

Kirby Cafe Set to Open in Japan, August

Social media hosts the excitement as news drops of a Kirby Cafe to open in Japan next month.

Kirby Cafe Set to Open in Japan, August photo

At this stage, news of the new cafe is limited to a couple of Tweets put out into the ether from the cafe's Twitter account.  In the above Tweet reads something along the lines of; "Nice to meet, you!  This is Kirby Cafe (カービィカフェ).  This summer I/we will open a cafe themed around the world of 'Kirby of the stars (星のカービィ)' ."

Kirby Cafe Set to Open in Japan, August photo

In a follow up Tweet we are asked to await further announcements regarding the cafe, menu, and goods which the people behind Kirby Cafe  claim to be 耳より / mimiyori / 'welcome news'.

A webpage for the cafe is already up an running, but as yet features no other information than that the cafe is coming soon - 2016.08 OPEN.

Kirby is a character developed by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, making its first appearance back in 1992 for the Game Boy.  One of Kirby's traits is his/her(?) penchant for sucking up other characters and objects.  Kirby is also something of a foodie, which makes the step from video game stardom into cafe proprietor at slightly easier one to follow.  

Web: http://kirbycafe.jp/

Excited about a Kirby Cafe opening in Japan?  What other themed cafes in Japan have you been to?  Drop us a line with your stories and experiences below.

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