Feb 12, 2016

Where to buy expensive chocolates in Tokyo, Japan

Where to buy expensive chocolates in Tokyo, Japan photo

One might say there's a season for giving chocolates in Japan;  Valentine’s Day, where female halves of a relationship bear the gift-giving, bill-paying brunt of the day’s romance and a month later, gents, it will be time to repay the favor on White Day (March 14).  

You can’t miss either of these days.  Supermarkets and department stores are so desperate to inject a bit of spice into the nation’s relationships, they’ll set up Valentine’s Day and White Day corners, booths, stalls, and displays on train station thoroughfares, shopping mall lobbies, hell, even on the street if they have to.

In a previous post on City-Cost, we rolled up our sleeves and went DIY in an attempt to bring a bit of personality into our chocolates.  This time we’re taking a different approach.  In that time honoured tradition of solving problems, or winning hearts and minds, we’re going to throw some money at it.  

Where to buy expensive chocolates in Tokyo

Where to buy expensive chocolates in Tokyo, Japan photo

Bare in mind that Valentine’s Day and White Day collections will likely be for a limited time only. That said, just because a chocolate comes in the shape of a heart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s for Valentine’s Day only.

We list the prices below to give you some idea of how much expensive chocolates cost in Tokyo/Japan.

Roppongi Hills

A number of options here for buying expensive chocolates.

La Maison Du Chocolat  (Paris)

4-piece box: 2,160 yen

8-piece box: 3,456 yen

24-piece box: 8,100 yen

Store info / Online shopping

La Boutique de Joël Robuchon

6-piece (Valentine’s box): 3,024 yen

12-piece (Valentine’s box): 1,620 yen

? - piece (Almond chocolates): 1,080 yen

Store info: Branches in Ebisu and Marunouchi, also.

Online shopping / Homepage

Jean-Georges Tokyo

6-piece box: 2,600 yen

Store info / Homepage


Pierre Marcolini (Haute Chocolaterie)

Valentine’s collection …

3-piece (heart) box: 1,350 yen

7-piece (heart) box: 2,500 yen

9-piece (heart) box: 3,456 yen

4-piece (circular) box: 1,728 yen

8-piece (circular) box: 2,900 yen

12-piece (circular) box: 4,536 yen

6-piece (Valentine’s selection): 2,100 yen

Ginza store access (Also Marunouchi, Shibuya, Haneda, Yokohama, Nagoya,)

Homepage / Online shopping

Dalloyau (Paris)

4-piece (heart) box: 3,780 yen

2-piece box: 1,620 yen

4-piece (circular) box: 1,404 yen

Chocolate egg: 2,700 yen

12-piece basket (itself made of chocolate): 7,560 yen

20-piece basket (itself made of chocolate): 12,960 yen

3-piece (truffle) box: 864 yen

Store access (nationwide) / Homepage


4-piece box: 1,512 yen

16-piece box: 6,048 yen

Heart-shaped collections: 540 - 2,700 yen

Ginza store access / Other stores/outlets access / Online shopping

Where to buy expensive chocolates in Tokyo, Japan photo

Other - Shiodome

Grand-Place (Fine Belgian Chocolates)

4-piece (truffe) box: 1,026 yen

6-piece (truffe) box: 1,458 yen

10-piece (truffe) box: 2,376 yen

8-piece (fresh chocolate) box: 1,134 yen

Access / Online shopping

Other - Jiyugaoka

Mont St. Clair

Keep an eye out for specials here, particularly from the online store, where individual chocolate (pieces) can go for over 1,000 yen.  They sell out early, so keep this one in mind for next year!

Terrine chocolat: 1,815 yen

Individual chocolate pieces: 300 yen

Access / Online shopping

Other - Marunouchi

Cacao Sampaka

4-piece boxes: ~ 2,000 yen

6-piece boxes: ~ 3,000 yen

8-piece boxes: ~ 4,000 yen

Chocolate shoe (White Day): 5,400 - 12,960 yen

Marunouchi head store access / Online shopping

You may have noticed an absence of anything Godiva so far in this list.  These are the staple, go-to resource for expensive chocolates in Japan.  You can find stores/outlets nationwide.  Start looking here.

Hopefully this will give you some idea of how much expensive chocolates cost in Japan.  

If you’ve got your own chocolate in Japan recommendations, whether for Valentine’s Day, White Day, or any other occasion, please let us know.

For more chocolate in Japan content, see our post earlier post,

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