Jul 7, 2016

Pop-up tents for pets go on sale in Japan. Cuteness ensues

Japan loves a pop-up tent. As we move into summer season we’ll likely see them, err, pop-up, on beaches, in parks, at BBQ zones, on river banks, sports grounds, and campsites nationwide.  

Actually, this is no joke. Summers in Japan can be brutal, where even cloudy days can burn the fairer skin quicker than bread left in a toaster for more than 5 mins. Added to this a nation of ladies trying their damndest to keep the porcelain look, then we begin to understand the market for the pop-up tent.  

Until now, though, the pop-up tent has neglected a key segment. Pets. Seems odd that it’s taken until now. Pets, well, mostly dogs, are fussed over like new born babies in Japan. They’re adorned with every accessory, buggy, and trinket possible. And now, they can have their own pop-up tents. 

Lifestyle goods provider and purveyor of the slow life, Natural Slow Inc, from today release their portable pop-up tent series for pets. Let the cuteness begin, and our hearts melt.  

The tents retail at 3,996 yen. According to Natural Slow Inc, they can be set up in one second, with one touch. They pack into a pouch bag (weight 330g), and can also act as a shelter for your pets in time of disaster/emergency.

The tents also feature a side meshing (for breathability), zipper door to keep out those bugs, and come in a camouflage blue print.

Dimensions: Width 80cm / Depth 50 cm / Height 40 cm. Folded diameter: 30 cm

It looks like the tents are available on Amazon, and from the Natural Slow Inc online store.

Any expats with pets out there? Are you likely to be using one these for your pets this summer in Japan?

Web and photos: http://www.natural-slow.com/#!portable-tent-en/gdzpf

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  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 14

    that is 10/10 adorable. if they made 'em big enough for my pooch I'd be all about it... though it occurs to me thats probably just a regular tent for peoples.

  • City-Cost

    on Jul 19

    @KpQuePasa Our worry is that these things could get hotter than temperatures outside (although we can't be sure about that). Also, if people are camping, like proper overnight camping, the pets surely come into the 'big tent' with everyone else, don't they?

  • KpQuePasa

    on Jul 19

    @City-Cost My guess would be that the tents make a good space to put down a "cooling pad" that are so popular for pets here in the summer, plus give them some shade. But yes, without something to lower the temp, being stuck inside the tent would be bad juju for any fluffy critter for sure.