Jun 2, 2016

Japan’s Best Coffee Shops For Doing Work

Japan’s Best Coffee Shops For Doing Work photo

ノマドワーカー / Nomad Worker - sounds like a term to describe those who follow harvesting seasons, looking to work the land. Here in Japan, it refers to business types required to crack open a laptop between appointments. A bit like ‘digital nomad’, only without the backpack, beaches, and cozy trust from mom and dad back home.  

A vital resource for the nomad worker here in Japan is the coffee shop. Luckily, there are tonnes of them over here. Unluckily, they’re very popular and don’t always make for the best place to get work done.  

Today though, the people over at magazine 日刊SPA have published an article looking at the best coffee shops for the business person to set up their typin’ device and work.

They collated the thoughts, opinions, and inside knowledge of 80 people who frequently work out of the office. Key criteria were the cost to cover one hour in the coffee shop, power supply, Wi-Fi, the late-night situation, and other criteria that those interviewed were free to express.

So, here’s what we may call the Japan’s best coffee shops for doing some work in.

1) 喫茶室ルノアール / Coffee Room Renoir

Cost for 1 hrs: ルノアール Blend 580 yen (without tax)

Wi-Fi: Free (Renoir Miyama Wi-Fi, 3 hrs limit for one day)

Late-night: Not open late

Magazine comments

Free Wi-Fi, power supply, OK to stay for a long time, and comfortable seating. Everything is ready here. Often frequented by business types so has an appropriate ‘work mood’. Affiliated coffee shops such as ミヤマコーヒー / Miyama Coffee also have favorable reviews.

2) 珈琲所コメダ珈琲店 / Komeda’s Coffee

Cost for 1 hrs: Blend Coffee 400 yen (without tax)

Wi-Fi: Only available at limited shops

Late-night: Not open late

Magazine comments

Warm ‘woody’ exteriors, relaxing interiors, and large coffees make this a popular choice. Despite the lack of free Wi-Fi, the ability to stay for a long time, and the comfortable seating make this an attractive coffee shop.

3) Doutor Coffee

Cost for 1 hrs: Blend Coffee (small) 220 yen (with tax)

Wi-Fi: Available at some shops

Late-night: Not open late

Magazine comments

Doutor’s low prices seem to make people happy. Whilst the seating comes in for some criticism, Doutor’s new branches received lots of praise for their nice vibes, free Wi-Fi, and accessible power sources.  

4) Starbucks Coffee

Cost for 1 hrs: Drip Coffee (short) 280 yen (without tax)

Wi-Fi: Available (excluding some shops)

Late-night: Not open late (except for some shops)

Magazine comments

The Wi-Fi, power sources, ability to linger for a long time are good. However, some people don’t like the fact that they often bump into similar ‘nomad workers’ here. That said, the 100 yen coffee refills go down well.

5) Tully’s Coffee

Cost for 1 hrs: Today’s Coffee (short) 380 yen (with tax)

Wi-Fi: Some shops

Late-night: Not open late 

Magazine comments

Free Wi-Fi is easy to use and no registration is required. The seating is comfortable and there’s nice atmosphere. That said, the large number of customers there to eat food means that this coffee shop fell down the rankings. 

So there you have it. We’ll be frank. We’d never even heard of second-placed Komeda’s Coffee, and we’re quite surprised that Veloce didn’t make the list (it always has seats available). As for Starbucks, well, we wouldn’t know. We can never get a seat!

What coffee shops in Japan to you like to work in? Give us your suggestions below.

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  • genkidesu

    on Sep 12

    Komeda's is awesome - I used to have one near where I live (the Shiro Noir danishes are the best!) There's some good ones in Tokyo like Streamer Coffee Co in Shibuya and Lattest in Omotesando that I used to love visiting (both have free wifi too...winner!)