May 27, 2016

News: Average Annual Incomes for Tokyo’s 23 Wards

A number of Japanese digital platforms have, this week, been running stories about the ranking of average annual income for Tokyo’s 23 wards. Actually, all of their data is based from stats produced in 2013. Still, it seems to be something the locals are talking about (other than anything with the nouns Obama, Okinawa, summit, and Hiroshima in it). Plus it’s got a cost of living vibe going on. Right up our street.

No mucking about then, except to say this; the top ward for annual salary comes out on top by a long way. A very long way! Any guesses? Well, according to the Japanese source, ZUU online, it should go without saying for the locals …. Minato-ku / 港区

Here the average annual income is 902万円. That’s 9,020,000 yen (about US$82,000 or £56,000). The average salary for company workers in Minato-ku is around 4,000,000 yen, with apartments regularly commanding rental fees of 500,000 yen per month. Ouch!

As for the Tokyo ward with the lowest annual income, that honor goes to Adachi-ku / 足立区 (that’s the one sort of northeast of Ueno, with Kitasenju being a key transport hub). Adachi-ku used to have a bit of a bad rep for crime, but with the opening of the Ueno-Tokyo Line (which links with Kitasenju, and the area’s relative proximity to Tokyo Skytree, there are expected to be big changes (for the better) in this part of Tokyo. Still, for many of us expats, we dare say that Adachi-ku’s level of crime looks like Disneyland compared to some of the rough areas from back home.

Here’s the complete ranking of average annual income for Tokyo’s 23 wards.

1港区 / Minato9,020,000 yen
2千代田区 / Chiyoda7,840,000 yen
3渋谷区 / Shibuya7,030,000 yen
4中央区 / Chuo5,560,000 yen
5文京区 / Bunkyo5,440,000 yen
6目黒区 / Meguro5,370,000 yen
7世田谷区 / Setagaya5,060,000 yen
8新宿区 / Shinjuku4,770,000 yen
9杉並区 / Suginami4,360,000 yen
10品川区 / Shinagawa4,270,000 yen
11豊島区 / Toshima4,120,000 yen
12大田区 / Ota3,950,000 yen
13練馬区 / Nerima3,960,000 yen
14江東区 / Koto3,890,000 yen
15中野区 / Nakano3,870,000 yen
16台東区 / Taito3,850,000 yen
17墨田区 / Sumida3,500,000 yen
18板橋区 / Itabashi3,500,000 yen
19江戸川区 / Edogawa3,460,000 yen
20荒川区 / Arakawa3,450,000 yen
21北区 / Kita3,440,000 yen
22葛飾区 / Katsushika3,330,000 yen
23足立区 / Adachi3,240,000 yen

How do Tokyo's average annual incomes compare to yours?  Write them in the comments ... just kidding!!  Let's keep this one private, shall we?!!

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Sources: ZUU online

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