Jul 9, 2016

News: How far would you go for the person you love? Survey Polls Japanese Women

News: How far would you go for the person you love?  Survey Polls Japanese Women photo

All-round ladies support web media 健康美人/Kenko Bijiin conducted an online survey based around the question; How far would you go for the person that you love/like? The survey was available nationwide in Japan and received 506 respondents. Of those 506, 2% were 12 yrs or under, 13-15 (0%), 16-18 (4%), 19-22 (29%), 23-29 (25%), 30-39 (17%), 40 and over (23%).

The survey results appeared in a press release today, and we thought it might make for interesting reading and perhaps provide some social/cultural insight into our hosts here in Japan. So here goes …

How far would you travel to meet this person?

Within walking distance 
Within cycling distance 0%
A bus/car journey 27%
A train journey 39%
Somewhere accessible by Shinkansen 15%
Would take a flight 13%
Anywhere overseas 6%

Which of his demands/habits/requests would accept/tolerate?

His jealousy 
Every day contacting (text messages, emails etc) 19%
His request that you don’t wear revealing clothing 12%
His request that you don’t meet members of the opposite sex 21%
His request that you don’t keep in touch with members of the opposite sex 0%
His request that you don’t speak with members of the opposite sex0%
His need to check your cell phone 2%
Accepting of everything 6%
Not accepting of anything 

How far would you adjust your schedule/tastes to spent time with him?

Adjust days off work 29%
Would match his frequency of wanting to contact (text messages, calls etc) 6%
Would go out when he wanted to 13%
Would wear clothes to his liking 0%
Would accept his preferred date spots 8%
Would try and get involved with his hobbies 19%
Would take on board the food he likes 6%
Would adjust everything 13%
Wouldn’t change anything to suit him 6%

Would you give up on your dreams for him?

Yes - 38% 

No - 62%

However much you like him, you simply won’t do this …

Support him in chasing his dreams (i.e taking on the financial burden, working to support him etc)13%
Play second fiddle to another woman 57%
Show support if actually he likes another person (not you) 12%
Step aside for his future (i.e break up if you feel it’s best for his future) 8%
Lose weight according to his tastes 2%
Can do all 2%
Will do none of the above 6%

You can see the original survey results here at 健康美人. Actually, it’s quite a difficult one to translate without making the options sound very submissive. We’re not saying this was the original intention, anything but. It’s just the way it comes out in the translation. For example, How far would you adjust your schedule/tastes to spent time with him? Our translation may make it sound like these are the guy’s demands, when actually it could be just case of compromising every now and then, as one might expect of both sides in order to make a relationship work.  

Care should also be taken in our interpretation of some of the options. For example, with the question, How far (distance) would you be prepared to go to meet the person you love? ‘walk/cycle’ received 0%. Initially it might look like respondents aren’t prepared to walk/cycle. What it actually means, is that walk/cycle goes without saying, and that they’d be prepared to travel further.

Whilst there are some responses seemed to us a given (requests to not speak to members of the opposite sex - 0% for example), there are some things that caused alarm. 38% of respondents willing to give up their dreams seems high, and 13% prepared to make all of the adjustments to their schedule/tastes.  That said though, again, it’s not clear to what extent they mean this. Would it be a complete adjustment, or something done from time to time?  How this can be included in the interpretation of 57% saying they were't prepared to play second fiddle, we're not sure.  Does this mean that 43% are?!  

We also aren't sure if this a situation of having just met/fallen in love with someone, or something more long-term.  It's not stated explicitly in the original piece, but the nuance of the options suggests the beginnings of a relationship.

Anyway, this is about you, not us. What do think about the survey results above? Any surprises? Anything that alarms you? Are they as you might expect of society in Japan? How far would you go for someone you like/love?

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Source: 健康美人

Image: mrhayata Flickr License



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