Oct 13, 2016

Thumb part with nail attached found in bowl of ramen by diner, Shizuoka, Japan

Thumb part with nail attached found in bowl of ramen by diner, Shizuoka, Japan photo

Timely, just back from lunch (sandwiches, if you want to know) to find reports of a thumb being found in some ramen (not my sandwiches) at a store in Shizuoka. 

In an article on 47 ニュース, it is revealed that a female part-time staff member at ramen chain 幸楽苑 (Korakuen) may have accidentally cut off part of her thumb while slicing some roast pork. The staff member is reported to have not had any infection at the time of the incident. This according to Shizuoka City Public Health Center which some reports are saying was informed of the discover two days later.  

The incident is said to have occurred on Sept.10 at the 清水インター (Shimizu Interchange) branch of the ramen chain in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi. According to the health center, a female customer noticed the ‘foreign body’ in the soup of some ramen she had order for her child. Said ‘foreign body’ turned out to have been a part of the thumb; 7 mm in length, 1 cm wide, and with part of the nail still attached!

Reports close with the news that the Shizuoka City Public Health Center ordered for the store to be disinfected and for the members of staff to have their health checked. No further news beyond that. There also seem to be no reports as to what happened immediately after the member of staff sliced herself. One would have thought she noticed a bit of her thumb missing (and a lot of blood), and yet it still managed to find its way into the soup.  

KORAKUEN operates ramen stores primarily across the Kanto and Tohoku regions of Japan.

From the expat-in-Japan perspective, one perhaps has plenty of chances to ‘discover’ unusual items in food over here (this expat once ‘discovered’ some whale in their school-lunch), and I’m sure many of us have gone through that moment of biting into some innocent looking bread only to balk in horror after discovering it to be filled with あんこ (sweet bean paste).  

Finding a bit of someone’s thumb though, raises the bar.

How would you have dealt with finding a bit of thumb in your ramen?

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