Jul 5, 2018

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When I first moved to our apartment I was super happy with almost everything! We were finally faaarrrr away from everything and everyone! Haha! We were in our zone! Being a westerner I was a little put off by the size of the apartment especially for the price but I have learnt to appreciate it. And as my husband said “ less space equals less junk!” 

The broker had soo many papers for my husband to sign it’s almost as if he was taking out a mortgage! 

Unfortunately after about one week with lots of moving around and all the wooden floor was no longer shiny as when we just arrived! 

I had no idea what to put on it to restore it. Ididn’t know where to go to get anything so Ijust did the best I could; sweep, and wipe- until a few weeks ago I went into our local sundrug and saw some bottles with pictures of wooden floor with those sparkly graphics used to show shine. I figured it had to be a floor polish ( could not decipher a single one of the Japanese words- too many odd kanji’s in between katakana). I wasn’t too keen on the liquid for fear of making a mess. That was when I discovered these beauties! They work like a charm. It’s a 10 sheet packet for less than ¥400 . All I had to do was pop one sheet out, place it on the broom and rub over the floor. Boom! Floor shiny and new again! 

I just wish that in the future when companies are letting properties they’d give a sample of the cleaning products they use to maintain the places- unless they want it to be in a state of ruin so they can justify their reason for subtracting money from the deposit that is to be returned at the end of a contract.



Hi! I’m an educator/stay-at-home mom with an educator husband, a teenage daughter and six months old son. I loooove to cook, gets excited about curries and have a serious weakness for pastry especially cakes! Enjoy being outdoors, reading and sewing.

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  • genkidesu

    on Jul 5

    Ah, that would be genius if the companies would let us know the best products for cleaning certain things - we had floors like that when we lived in Tokyo too and they were hard to keep looking glossy like that! Wish I'd known about that product when I had those floors!!