May 11, 2018

My go-to products for soothing a fussy baby

Having a baby to look after on a daily basis can be taxing for both parents or caregivers. As it stands, most babies WILL become fussy from time to time and depending on how long the spell lasts you will find yourself moving along the continuum of 'I got this'..........all the way to 'I'm at my wits end now'. 

With a 7 months old (after a 14 years break from babies) I've had days when he's crying and I'm crying too because after trying everything in the books he's still miserable and I don't know how to make him stop.

Here are my three sworn to go-to products -all under a 1000 yen-and a little sequence that works to pacify him.

My go-to products for soothing a fussy baby photo

1. Baby top-toe wash - a warm bath with a little of this gentle cleanser helps to calm and relax him. Usually, once he hits the water all crying stops and he's happy to splash away.

2. Bedtime lotion - this is my favourite baby lotion. The sweet aroma of lavender has an instant relaxing effect on both baby and adult. I use this lotion to give a thorough  5-10 minutes full body massage (most times he is totally out by the time I'm halfway through).

3. Sophie giraffe - If after 1 and 2 he is still not entirely calm/stopped fussing, Sophie usually does the trick (especially since he is at teething stage) by providing relief for irritated gum.

So far this has been my go-to routine since we discovered it and I am happy to report "there are no more tears!" Pun totally intended! 



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