Jul 17, 2018

Here a bag, there a bag.... Fashion or Culture?


This morning while accompanying my daughter to school( my morning walk) I was passively looking at the kids and adults that passed by me( the Heat was crazy and i just wanted to be back indoors) when I became suddenly aware that everyone who walked by had atleast 2 bags with them. Some ES kids had more! Book bags, tote, lunch bag plus a water bottle in the cover slung from necks or shoulders!! The adults have even more!! It’s just crazy!  Is it a fashion thing or cultural thing?

When I’m going out and about I definitely want to have as FEW things as possible in my hands.

Now I’m left wondering.... is this how the kids are cultured for adulthood? Because it’s the same tendencies that I see with the only difference being tiny people and big people. Even my own lazy JHS teenager I see going through the door with 3 bags!

I agree the totes are cute and most times functional as well as served their purpose- especially the little ones that comes in pouches- but is it necessary to walk around with so many? Concealed.... fine! But those bigger ones slung over the shoulders or arms with absolutely nothing in them... I don’t think so!

Do you walk around with several bags when you go out?



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  • helloalissa

    on Jul 17

    Maybe it's left over from the furoshiki (wrapping fabric) tradition? For a lot of things it makes sense - I don't want my school shoes in the same bag as my lunch or paperwork. I find it's easier to put all the small bags into one bigger bag or a backpack. I often feel frustrated that I need to bring so much stuff with me for work. It feels like I should be going on a weekend away.

  • Candiajia1

    on Jul 17

    Lol@helloalissa ! My sentiments exactly! I do understand the need for separate bags for reasons such as the example you gave but it sure makes more sense putting all the smallest ones into a larger one or even two. Thanks for that history tip.

  • Tomuu

    on Jul 26

    When I was an ALT working at elementary and jr high schools in Japan, I was really shocked by how much stuff the kids had to carry to school. Back home there would definitely be complaints from parents. It was really heavy, like they were training to be navy SEALS or something.