Jul 9, 2018

Heavy rains and disaster

Heavy rains and disaster photo

Disasters can strike without warning anywhere and we see evidence everyday of it in so many regions and countries. Now it’s Japan again.

I was saddened when I read the news and saw footages of places  that have been destroyed by flooding and landslides, the number of lives lost and the so many millions of people  that had to be evacuated. 

It is especially in times like these that we are called on and reminded to be a friend and to lend a helping hand. In my home country we say “do good and good will follow you.”

How to help

Ensure that you call, text email or whatever medium of communication you choose, check on your friends and loved ones to seehow they are doing and offer a word of cheer.

Show that you care by sending something to them (if possible) especially those with kids- (the post and courier systems here are very very efficient). Oftentimes the smallest gestures from someone showing that they care can do a world of good for the receiver.

If you are close by and can lend a hand- babysit a child while a parent run an errand or do cleanup work; perhaps you could even offer your services to assist them cleaning up.

Grocery items or a cooked meal is usually very appreciated in such times. Whatever it is, let’s be neighborly and do what we can. 

And if we are not sure what we can do, all we need to do is ask .

Since most times evacuated persons are housed in shelters, volunteering our services can make a lot of difference- whether it is to help with the preparation orserving of meals or anything else that needs to be done.

If we can, let’s lend a hand. We don’t know when we might be the ones needing that same treatment.



Hi! I’m an educator/stay-at-home mom with an educator husband, a teenage daughter and six months old son. I loooove to cook, gets excited about curries and have a serious weakness for pastry especially cakes! Enjoy being outdoors, reading and sewing.

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  • Saitama

    on Jul 9

    Its just terrible isn't it. And more rain on the way. Some really lovely ideas here to help a lending hand.