Jul 14, 2018

Emergency Room Visit

Emergency Room Visit photo

So this entire week I have not been able to read any posts from the persons I follow let alone do a single blog! Sigh!

My entire days for the week were centered around caring for my little one. Last Sunday he decided to run a ridiculously high temperature that scared the daylights out of me! 39.6 degrees! I had to rush him off to Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Medical Hospital.

I am very appreciative of the reception staff who straight away realized that I was an English speaker and did their best to converse with me in English instead of Japanese. The nurse and doctor both did the same and it went a long way in lessening my anxiety. 

I was was very impressed by the General layout of the hospital. The color scheme in the children’s section is from a gorgeous pastel palette that evokes calmness; the cleanliness is top rated. I observed cleaning staff sanitizing all the seating in the waiting area multiple times, the floor as well.

I also love the fact there are restaurants, ample seating and even a Lawson’s convenience store all on the inside of the hospital. It’s beautiful! 

Best thing about the hospital is that it took a really short time to see the doctor so we were in and out in a relatively short time.



Hi! I’m an educator/stay-at-home mom with an educator husband, a teenage daughter and six months old son. I loooove to cook, gets excited about curries and have a serious weakness for pastry especially cakes! Enjoy being outdoors, reading and sewing.


  • genkidesuka

    on Jul 15

    Oh no! I hope your little one is doing okay now! It's so hard when the kids are ill...I'm glad the hospital was nice and took care of you all. Odaji ni.

  • genkidesu

    on Jul 15

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that!! Fantastic though that you didn't have to wait for long! I love that you still managed to find the positives in a scary situation.

  • Candiajia1

    on Jul 15

    @genkidesuka and @genkidesu thank you so much for the best wishes. His godmother ( a nurse) had swung by to check up on him and cautioned me that after the fever breaks he may be covered in red rashes. Happy she did or else I probably would have trekked off to ER again after I noticed him covered from head to toes. They are gone now and he is doing so much better now. That powdered fever reducer worked( works) like a charm. Literally kicked in and cools him down in less than 10 mins. I did however noticed that all the babies who came in around that time had the same/similar symptoms : fever, watery eyes, squealing and utterly miserable. Watch out for your little ones as these temperatures can cause similar issues.