Jul 25, 2018

The 3 difficulties of Opening a non-Japanese Style Izakaya in Japan

The 3 difficulties of Opening a non-Japanese Style Izakaya in Japan photo

Recently, I am working on a website design for a local Izakaya which near Yokohama Station. I have been recommended this Izakaya which called 萬興楼/Wan Ching Tower before in my blog. 萬興楼/Wan Ching Tower is a Chinese style Izakaya offer everything in 300円/yen. If you would like to know more detail about the Izakaya, you are welcome to read my post which named The best spicy Chinese style Izakaya in Yokohama Station with the nicest testy of drinks. and I will put the link in the end as well. 

Almost all of my friends know that I am not an IT person, the reason I am doing a website for the local shop, it’s because it is my University project, something I have to do. Because of the project, I did something I never expect to do in my whole life. I actually interview a shop, and ask a lot of information, like the funny story while they running this business, the difficulties to open a Chinese style Food & Beverage industry in Japan. Also, I even asked for some private information like the financial data of the shop.

Anyway, I realized the real world is much harder then I expect when I ask the owner about their difficulties. 

The First, as the entire world, people knows the Japanese are really polite, and they hate themselves when they are going to bring ANY trouble to others. That's why I didn’t expect to hear this. Almost every day, there will be some customers throw up either in Toilet or on the floor, and they just leave it like that. Yea…okay…I think it might happen in every Izakayas, but I thought they will try to clear it after they throw up, or their friends might help as well? (I am not a big fan of drinking, but that's what my friends are doing.)

The Next is quite common all over the world, “People goes away without paying…”. I heard that before, either in my home country or the countries I have been to. So, I believe this difficulty is appearing everywhere, at least in the Food & Beverage industries. 

Okay, Finally! The one I want to point it out the most. For this one, I believe many people are bothering when they trying to open a shop with their own cultural background in overseas. For example, the Izakaya I am working with, 萬興楼/Wan Ching Tower is a Chinese style Izakaya in Japan, for this Izakaya, they need to hire chefs that are able to cook Chinese dishes. Since the market 萬興楼/Wan Ching Tower is facing is in Japan. This becomes a really difficult issue for the owner. Not enough chefs in Japan that are able to cook Chinese food. Also, because the chefs know they are important figures, they own the initiative. The chefs try to high their salary in an unscrupulous way. For example, job-hopping all the time.

While the owner told me his difficulties of his business, I really can feel his helpless, seems like there is nothing he can do to change those situations and the only thing he can do is continue bearing. I really don’t have much experience of the society, I really cannot give any suggestion for him. If any of you have a good idea for him, please feel free to leave a comment, and I will pass the information to the owner, thank you! 

Thanks for reading! and the link for my post called “The best spicy Chinese style Izakaya in Yokohama Station with the nicest testy of drinks” is: https://www.city-cost.com/mypage