Mar 13, 2018

In Journey into a fairytale – Nukomuri Forrest

Between the mountains of Hamamatsu you can find a small fairytale called Nukomuri Forrest. Cute little houses created by the famous architect Shigeyoshi Sasaki will bring you in a different world. The architect created his dream place with a mythical fairytale ambience. You can find similar houses of this architect everywhere around Japan. Many of them are small restaurants and cafes.

In Journey into a fairytale – Nukomuri Forrest photo
The small village into the mountains has a restaurant, a cafe, some small shops, an art gallery and a small car museum. All is in a design of an old European village surrounded by mountains and tall trees. The cafe has very delicious cakes, which are very popular and sold out very soon right after the opening.

In Journey into a fairytale – Nukomuri Forrest photo
If you are walking through the small garden, you will feel a little bit like walking through the world of Moomin, which makes that place to the perfect wonderland for kids.

In Journey into a fairytale – Nukomuri Forrest photo
Unfortunately it is kind of difficult to go there without a car. There are two big paid parking spots for the forrest. Alternatively you can use the Bus (bound for Kanzan-ji) from Hamamatsu Stationand get off at sujikai-bashi bus stop.

The village is open from 10:30 - 18:30 h (except on tuesdays).



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