Jan 4, 2019

How to lose weight after Christmas & New Year

How to lose weight after Christmas & New Year photo

Christmas and New Year celebrations are usually full of joy and happiness for most of us, especially all the delicious food like Christmas cookies, chicken/turkey/duck and the osechi set (traditional Japanese New Year food). Unfortunately, after all the festivities are over most of us feel kind of guilty that we gained some extra kilos on our hips. Although Japanese dishes are very healthy, there are also many (ramen, tempura, sushi) and you can really gain weight, if you overdo it.

Japanese women are the masters of dieting but most of the ways they lose weight is not really good for their body. There are also hundreds of magazines offering advice on how to lose weight, but it is hard to find out which methods are really effective.

For all those who really struggle with their weight or who just ate too much during the festive season I have some advice, which will help you to bring your body back into shape.

Fish and seafood
There are tons of vitamins and proteins in fish and seafood making it very healthy food and also a reason why the Japanese live longer than many other nations. I know it is very hard but unfortunately the most popular dishes of sushi and sashimi are actually less healthy than grilled or steamed fish. Sushi, especially tuna, is very greasy so going to a kaitensushi restaurant and eating tons of sushi is not really a good idea if you want to lose weight. Better to choose some grilled fish, which is often served in restaurants with some pickles, rice and miso soup. All of which contains what your body needs for the day in a good amount. 

Rice and vegetables
A bowl of rice and some vegetables is always a good choice, but don't overdo it. Especially rice -- refills are often free at many Japanese restaurants but you should avoid ordering another bowl.  Instead of rice, more vegetables is the better choice.

Snacks & Sweets
Everybody loves them: A mochi here, a short cake there or those really great rice crackers. Japanese sweets and snacks always look so great and taste very delicious but eating them too often can be a pain, when your new dress doesn't fit anymore.

Although it can be hard to resist the temptation there is also a healthy alternative to these snacks and sweets. Fruit, especially Japanese fruit, is also very sweet, but they have more vitamins and are healthier. How about some fruit as an alternative, instead of having every day some chocolate or cake?

How to lose weight after Christmas & New Year photo

Water & tea
Calpis and other soft drinks readily available in Japan are very tasty but full of sugar. Instead, water or tea, especially Japanese green tea, are way healthier for your body. Green tea has many beneficial and preventive effects for your body. You can find many different kinds of teas in Japan, such that you will never get bored of them.

In the end, exercise is a very important factor reducing weight. Everyday 30 minutes of jogging or even just always using the stairs instead of the escalator are the best way get going in the right direction. Even if you just use your bicycle every day to work it will affect your fitness and body. The most important thing is that you really do your workout regularly.  That means every day. Of course, something you like doing for this will work out the best.  Better to set yourself a goal beforehand, otherwise it can be very hard to move your butt.

I hope those tips will help you to get the body you want after the festive season, but don't overdo it. Loosing too much weight in a short time isn't good for your body and often it will not stay long. Better to work on it constantly, without changing your lifestyle too much.



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