May 4, 2018

'baskin robbins' chocolate mint

Many foreigner know for sure the popular mind chocolate „After eight“, which is a peppermint cream surrounded by dark chocolate. Especially in Great Britain and Germany it is very popular. When I moved to Japan, I really missed that chocolate, which gives you a nice fresh smell in your mouth after eating it. Most of the chocolate here is very sweet and I can not eat much of it.

'baskin robbins' chocolate mint photo
Last time when I stopped at a nearby convenience store, I´ve found the baskin robbins chocolate mint chocolate.  First of I was surprised to find something with mint inside, because that herb is not that popular in Japan than in other regions of the world.

'baskin robbins' chocolate mint photo
The chocolate package has 10 small separated wrapped chocolate pieces. The mint cream inside the chocolate really tastes like the delicious mint ice cream of 'baskin robbins.' The surrounded milk chocolate also melts like ice cream as soon it is in your mouth. The flavor is very similar to my favorite 'after eight' chocolate, but there are some small differences. First off, all the baskin and robbins chocolate is made of milk chocolate and not dark chocolate. The milk chocolate makes it a little bit sweet. Also the size if different, which also affects the taste. After eight is very thin and most of it is mint cream. The 'baskin robbins' version is more like a chocolate bar with more chocolate than mint. Both of them have a strong mint flavor and taste very good. The perfect chocolate for chocolate mint lover!

'baskin robbins' chocolate mint photo
Mostly every convenience store and also 'baskin robbins' stores sell the chocolate mint chocolate. This new chocolate version is out on the market since April 19th. It is a limited time chocolate for 140 yen. Check it out if you are a mint fan!



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  • Lyssays

    on May 4

    They look nice! You should start to see more mint chocolate as we head into summer; mint has become more popular as a "cooling" flavour during the summers over the last couple of years, though it's still nowhere near as popular as it is back home.