Jul 22, 2018

Crazy situations in Japan

Living in a country where the culture is totally different from what you are used to back home, can create often very funny but sometimes also frustrating situations. The last week I had two situations, where I just thought: “Oh my god this can happen only in Japan!”

Morning exercise to start the summer holidays

For most of the kids the last Friday was the last day of school before the summer break. Usually I expected the kids go on vacation the next day or just enjoy their free time. Not in Japan!

When I woke up at six in the morning on Saturday, I was preparing for our trip to the beach and got very surprised when I looked out of the window. Many kids with their parents (or mostly with their dads) gathered around in front of the community center. First I thought they might prepare for an upcoming summer festival, but that was not the case. A loud music started and suddenly everybody started to do morning exercise. I really like it, when a community is coming together for such things, but not at six in the morning on the first summer holiday. That really looked kind of crazy for me.

Praying for getting rid of bad luck
Crazy situations in Japan photo
Last week my husband asked me every evening for going with him to the shrine. I was very confused. Usually he never wants to go there, especially when it is so hot outside like these days. After I made up my mind, we went to the shrine. Suddenly my husband took out a ink pen out of his pocket and put it on the wood box of the shrine. He just bought that ink pen at a second hand store. After he finished his praying at the shrine, I asked him, why he put the pen there.

Crazy situations in Japan photo
“Oh I just wanted to get rid of all the bad luck from the pen, because somebody else used it and maybe he had bad experience with it”.
You can guess my reaction. I was not sure if I should laugh or take him really serious. Since he made so much afford to bring the pen to the shrine, I decided not to laugh.

Do you also have such funny or frustrations situations in your daily life?



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