Jul 27, 2018

Protect yourself from the heat

With the hottest summer since many years, Japan is fighting against the heat. Already many people died from a heat stroke and also a lot of people from all ages have to stay in the hospital.  These days I mostly had every day one accident, where a person collapsed in the train, because of the heat.

Especially people who work outside the whole day and go then to the cold trains or buildings, can get very fast problems with their circulation. Especially foreigners/tourists who are not used to the combination of the heat and the high humidity there are some advices to look forward.

Wide, airy clothes

The best clothes for the hot/humid weather are wide, airy clothes, which will not stick on your body. 100 % cotton or cool tech wear are the best. Even so you feel like you are dying from the heat and you want to go naked outside, longer clothes will be better than a mini skirt.

Protect yourself from the heat photo
Moderately air conditioned car
The air conditioner in many trains is amazing cold. This is one of the reasons, why many people get sick very easily, especially if you are fully sweated and have to go in such a cold train then. Even it feels good in the beginning it is not good for the health. Nowadays many trains have at least one car (mostly no. 4) which is moderately air conditioned. That simply means that the temperature in those trains is from 28 – 30 degree and not so freezing cold like in the other cars. It might be a good option for people, who have big problems with the up and down of the hot air outside and the cold air inside.

Sun, sun, sun

The most important is to protect yourself from the sun. Using a sun umbrella, a wide hat, long clothes and of course tons of sun cream are the best.  Always watch out to not stand to long in the sun, especially during the lunch time it can get very dangerous.

Because of the heat, you will probably sweat a lot, that´s why you should drink at least 3 liter per day or get enough liquid like from watermelon or other fruits.  Special drinks like OS 1 are also very helpful and give you many minerals. Caffeinated drinks like coffee, green tea or cola are bad for the body, because they will suck the water from your body.



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