Oct 27, 2018

Tokyo Toei subway manners

Tokyo is celebrating this year the founding of the city of Tokyo (formerly Edo). There are many events in the city like the 150 year history of Tokyo at the Edo Tokyo museum or the big festival at the Hamarikyu park.

Since many people are interested in the old Edo time and also the development of Tokyo I was very surprised, that even the Toei subway line is taking part in this event.

At most Toei subway stations in Tokyo you will find the following poster:
Tokyo Toei subway manners photo

It is in a very old traditional design, showing the manners for a train ride. I still remember the old poster for train manners hanging around everywhere, but it never caught my eyes so much like this old traditional looking one.

Especially interesting is the fact, that the figures are dressed as in the 40 's, but at this time there were no smartphones as shown on the poster. Even so this old style is a cool idea to get the attraction of the people and they will hopefully follow the train manner rules.



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