Dec 10, 2018

Rainbow Christmas fireworks

Rainbow Christmas fireworks photo

One of my favorite events during the Christmas season in Tokyo are the rainbow fireworks. The whole December it is possible to see every Saturday a great firework from the beach of Odaiba. The firework is a little bit shorter than usual fireworks, but still very impressing.

The firework starts always at 19 h, but it is recommended to be there earlier, since it can get very crowded. If you visit the fireworks on December 22 you can experience something very special. Only on that day the firework is accompanied musically. It is really a great show to hear and see how perfect the music works together with the firework.

Rainbow Christmas fireworks photo
As one of the most beautiful night views of Tokyo it is even possible to see the fireworks from a traditional boat just in front of the rainbow bridge. Depending on the plan of the boat prices vary from 10.000 – 20.000 yen per person.

Rainbow Christmas fireworks photo
After the fireworks you can have a romantic walk around all the illuminated spots around the Oaiba beach park or close to Diver city. Even the popular Fuji Terebi Building will be light up in a Christmas style.

Event Schedule:
December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
Starting time: 19 h



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