Oct 26, 2018

Club activities at work

Most of the students in Japan are joining club activities at their schools and universities like sports clubs, dance groups, anime clubs or culture exchange groups. Those activities are a part of student life and sometimes even mandatory. After graduating most of the people are so busy with work that those activities are not possible anymore.

But did you know that some companies in Japan, especially the bigger ones, also have different clubs?

During the time my husband was at university he used to be in a club called “Wandervogel”, which is actually a German word. The club was a hiking club where members used to go hiking mostly every two weeks around the Kansai area. He really loved to be part of the club and I had to listen to endless stories about hiking to Mt. Fuji or camping at Bentenjima with the club members.

When he started working there was no time anymore for those hiking trips, or better to say that nobody has the time or energy, especially in the beginning, when they have to learn so many new things in their working environment.
Club activities at work photo
After a few years one of his coworkers asked my husband if he enjoys nature and likes hiking or camping. That was actually the day he found out that his company has its own little hiking club. Usually some members of the club organize seasonal hiking events. Everybody can join if they want, but they should be prepared that it really is hiking and not a just a simple walk in nature.

I've already joined those events twice with my husband and both were really nice. The people are always changing and most of them are from different divisions, so you will always meet new people. Not all of them have hiking experience, but at least they enjoy the nature like I do. It is really a nice way to connect with new people, while having fun hiking.
Club activities at work photo
There is also another company club for futsal (indoor soccer), which my husband sometimes joins. Futsal games are quite often every month, which makes it a little bit difficult for my husband to join, but from time to time it is possible. I always go to those games too and cheer him on.
Club activities at work photo
Unfortunately those are the only two clubs the company has to offer, but it's better than nothing.

How about your workplace? Do they offer any joint activities? Let me know your experiences.



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