Oct 8, 2018

Melody roads in Japan

A Melody road is a road that makes some tones of vibration, when driving with a specific speed limit over it. The tone will be transmitted through the car wheels as an audible tone sequence into the vehicle. The best way to hear the sound is with fully closed windows in the car. Depending on the depth and spacing of the scratches on the street it is possible to hear different sounds to create a melody.

Melody roads in Japan photo
While some musical roads have been created to just enjoy the music, others are made to avoid accidents, especially sudden asleep accidents.

You can find those melody roads in different countries like the United States, China or Korea. Japan itself has around 30 of those melody roads. One of the most popular is on the way to Mt. Fuji at the Shizuoka prefecture. Of course all of those streets have a different melody to enjoy.

I´ve visited a melody street in Gunma on the way to Lake Haruna deep in a mountain area.

Have you already been to a melody street? Share your experience!



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  • Tomuu

    on Oct 8

    How cool is this! I didn't realise these were a thing anywhere in the world, let alone Japan.