Nov 26, 2017

Hoto (ほうとう): A Taste of Yamanashi

MT.FUJI: Probably, it’s the top thing that will pop in your head when you think of Yamanashi. Nevertheless, this prefecture is also blessed with fresh ingredients, offering a very homey, tasty, and distinctive cuisine.

The Home of Hoto

Made from flat udon noodles, miso soup, and vegetables, Hoto is a famous regional food of Yamanashi, which is a must if you happen to be here.

Every season, the vegetables and other items in this dish varies.

During winter, this hot pot is usually consists of mushrooms (eg. Shiitake and shimeji) and Chinese cabbage; while potatoes, onions, and leeks (or negi) are used on summer days. Pork, chicken, and even seafood can also be added.

So, if you are not a fan of leafy goodness, you’ll still enjoy this meal and you might even start eating your veggies, once you’ve tried it out.

Where to eat it?

It won’t be hard to find this popular dish because everywhere you go in Yamanashi, you’ll always see a “ほうとう” sign. The hotel I was staying in served this as breakfast. It was one of the most filling meals I’ve ever had. I didn’t feel hungry until 6pm.

How does it Taste?

Personally, I’m not very fond of noodle type food. Hence, I’m not a big fan of ramen, but I do LOVE SOBA!

Anyways, back to HOTO.

Despite lacking interest on it, I still gave it ago because I’m open to trying out new things. Plus, I don’t really have the right to say IT DOESN’T TASTE GOOD, if I haven’t even eaten it.

Thus, I gave it a go.

It has a very homey taste, perfect for a cold and rainy climate. In my opinion, I think it is best enjoyed with your friends and family. It’s the type of dish that you want to share with others, creating a more wonderful bond with your love ones. Like the old saying, sharing is caring.

Hoto (ほうとう): A Taste of Yamanashi photo

Seafood Hoto

Shrimp, crabs, scallops, string beans, negi, and other vegetables are included in this delicious pot. The soup is thick and creamy, and the seafood flavour is bit mild; on the other hand, I was expecting the opposite.

Still, it was delightful.

The ingredients that were used were fresh. But, I had a hard time getting all the meat from the crabs. It was a bit messy, so if it’s your first date with someone, I highly suggest eating a different type of hoto.

Hoto (ほうとう): A Taste of Yamanashi photo

Pork Hoto

I’m a fan of strong flavours; hence I liked this one much more.

It was a bit surprising though. I thought it’s the one that would taste milder because the ingredients were simpler. But I was wrong, yet I didn’t mind at all.

Again, the pork was fresh and very flavorful, creating a very rich soup. It didn’t taste fatty or oily at all, which I thought it would that’s why I ordered the seafood one instead. I’m glad my partner took this one!

How about you, have you had HOTO already? What are the other types of it? Share in the comment below!



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