May 25, 2016

Reduce subway cost

Tokyo Metro offers reduced fare for subway on holidays. For this, you need to get ticket from station. The usual offer is get 14 tickets at the price of 10 tickets. This is equivalent to a 30% discount and is valid for 3 months. Mostly useful for people travelling in group or regularly going out on weekends.


A PhD student


  • KevinC

    on May 25

    When I don't have a monthly train pass, I usually get those volume discount or a daily pass which cost around 500 yen each.

  • Amit

    on May 25

    Each have their merit. Monthly pass has limited route while daily pass is useful if you are changing trains a lot. While those reduced fare are useful if your destination is fixed.

  • Jagat

    on May 26

    thats nice.

  • Kruthi

    on May 29

    I will try