Jul 14, 2019

Japanese Condiment Squeeze Bottles

I don't get it. Back home, I'm used to loading my shopping cart up with cans of veggies, glass jars of condiments, and more glass bottles and hard plastic containers of sauces for my daily grocery shopping. But since being here, I've noticed the Japanese don't share the same love for glass containers. 

For the first time today I picked up a bottle of ketchup (because I figured four months without it was long enough and I wanted some to put on my home fries tomorrow for breakfast.) And instead of the Heinz hard plastic container, I found a squishy plastic bottle inside a plastic bag instead. I don't see the need for a plastic wrapper in the first place, and then the bottle itself is almost a soft like plastic. 

I've seen plenty of condiments and sauces in similar containers, and it just strikes me as a cultural quirk. I don't know why the Japanese grocery stores favor this type of bottle over glass. I know I'll buy more bottles like this but in a weird way, these bottles feel like a balloon about to pop.

Japanese Condiment Squeeze Bottles photo 



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