Aug 26, 2016

I'm Moving To Japan!

Hello there beautiful people!

As the title speaks for itself, I was selected to teach as an Assistant Language teacher within Japan. With this wonderful opportunity, I wish to make a positive change in my life, and in the lives of the people of Japan. 

Going to Japan has always been a dream and I still can't believe that this dream is coming true! 

I'm Moving To Japan! photo

In order to promote the Japanese culture, I decided to vlog my experiences living in Japan as a Canadian Muslim. 

Hope y'all enjoy my first video! :)



I am a Canadian living in Japan for my teaching job.
I wish to learn about the Japanese culture so that I may carry it with me in the future in a positive light. I will be vlogging my time in Japan so that others may learn about Japan through my experience!
YouTube name/Instagram: ASHIIHSA


  • Excited for your new adventure! Enjoy! There are so many things to discover once you immerse yourself in Japanese culture!

  • Aisha8659

    on Aug 26

    @AnnaAbola thank you! :)