Aug 29, 2016

Mountain Day - Innoshimashigeicho

In May 2014 it was announced that Mountain Day will be celebrated as a public holiday every August 11, beginning in 2016.  The holiday is to provide “opportunities to get familiar with mountains and appreciate blessings from mountains.” 

This holiday has strong ties to nature and Shintoism. To celebrate Mountain Day, Japanese people of all ages go to rural mountainous areas across Japan. 

I experienced my first Mountain Day in Japan this summer and it was an incredible experience. It was a mission to reach the top but the hike was totally worth it. 

Here are pictures of my friends and I on Mountain Day! :)



I am a Canadian living in Japan for my teaching job.
I wish to learn about the Japanese culture so that I may carry it with me in the future in a positive light. I will be vlogging my time in Japan so that others may learn about Japan through my experience!
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